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   Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?

    Do I have to be home when the cleaning lady comes?


Do I have to do anything before the cleaning? Taking a few minutes to prepare for your cleaning allows us to serve you better. If you're able to pick up any scattered clothing, toys, and other household items the cleaner will be able to clean more area of the home. We want you to "get what you pay for". You may leave fresh linens simply sitting on the bed you want them on, and your cleaner will strip and remake the beds with the clean linens.  back to top

Do I have to be home when the cleaner comes? Most of our clients work schedules do not allow them to be home. However, you are welcome stay in the house while we take care of your cleaning. Our cleaners often enjoy the company.  back to top

How do I pay for my cleaning service? A Touch of Class accepts either check or cash. Please make checks payable to A Touch of Class Cleaning. Payment is expected at the time of service and will be collected by the cleaner.  back to top

Is it okay to leave a note for the cleaning person? Definitely yes. Feel free to communicate any specifics about your home or special information for the day of your service. If you have questions or concerns about the service please contact our office so we can assure your needs are met.  back to top

What if I forget it is my cleaning day? Upon your request for regular service your home will have a standing appointment on an agreed upon day. A Touch of Class understands how hectic life can be, for that reason we try to always provide a courtesy reminder call the day before cleaning. If we arrive at your home and you have forgotten your appointment or not called to cancel a lock-out charge will apply. The lock-out charge is $25.  back to top

What if I have a security system? Our cleaners are used to dealing with alarms and security systems. The ideal would be to either leave the alarm off on your service day or if possible provide a separate code assigned to us as your cleaning service. Unfortunately many times customers choose not to give the code to the alarm and inevitably it is left on when your cleaner comes. Not only is this ordeal nerve racking, but if we aren't able to reach you we would not be able to stay and clean your home incurring a lock-out charge. Plus most local police departments charge a fee for false alarms. A Touch of Class is a professional service; you can feel confident allowing us to (at a minimum) keep an alarm code on file.  back to top

What about my pets? A Touch of Class is accustomed to working in homes with pets. If you feel confident your pet will not harm or intimidate the cleaner than feel free to leave the pet in it’s regular routine. If we are aware of any specific pet conditions we will try and send you a cleaner that is an animal lover. However, if you are not sure how your pet may react to us being in your home we ask that you please make arrangements to have them secured. Also, PLEASE let us know before the start of service if you have a pet that may try to escape quickly if a door is opened. Nothing is more upsetting to a cleaner than an escaped animal over which they have no control. Also, it is very dangerous for the animal. If you have a pet with special needs or that leaves little "messes", please make arrangements to control these occurrences. Cleaners are not expected to "tidy up" after pets. I assure you if we interact with your pet, we will treat them with respect and kindness.  back to top

Can I get my oven cleaned? We are happy to accommodate any cleaning requests. Items such as this are not included in our routine service, but can be easily added to a service visit. Please contact our office prior to your scheduled cleaning so we can discuss your interests, any additional fees, and assure your cleaner has allotted time to take care of the tasks.  back to top

What if something is broken? Unfortunately breakage happens occasionally with even the most experienced and conscience cleaning professional. If an incident occurs while you are home your cleaner will alert you on the spot. If you are not home the item and a note will be left with your invoice. In either situation please contact our office as soon as possible so we can discuss the repair, replacement, or in some cases proper compensation for the item.    back to top

What if something is missing from my home? This is NEVER a good feeling. Try and remain calm. Retrace your steps; about 90% of the time, whatever is missing will be found within 24 hours (it happens all the time). HOWEVER if it is not found or if the disappearance is obvious, call our office. Give a complete description of what is missing including important information such as serial number or any distinctive markings. At that point we need the opportunity to address and correct the situation. However, it is not unreasonable to suspend the service or ask for a different cleaning person until it is resolved. back to top

Porches, decks, garages, are they included? Our cleaning services are limited to tasks inside the home. If you have an enclosed porch or sunroom that is used and can be treated like a regular room of the house please let us know and we can make sure it's included in your service.  back to top

What about laundry? A Touch of Class does not provide laundry services. If large amounts of laundry are openly in areas we will be cleaning, your service provider will clean around it as best is possible.  back to top

Are they going to do my dishes? A Touch of Class does not hand wash dishes, pots, pans, or utensils. It is our practice to check the dishwasher availability. If the dishwasher is not holding clean dishes, than we will attempt to load any dishes from the sink or that may have been collected from other rooms. Otherwise the cleaner will work around the dishes to the best of her ability. Your cleaner will not unload the dishwasher or attempt to put things away.  back to top

What do I have to supply? As our customer you do not have to provide any supplies or equipment. Your cleaner will be completely armed with products that are not only environmentally friendly, but they will leave a pleasant scent, and still manage to clean and disinfect your home. If you have a product or cleaning equipment you prefer used in your home let us know and we will gladly use what you provide.  back to top

What if I have chemical sensitivities or want only safer-environmentally products used in my home? If you or someone in your home has a known allergen to cleaning chemicals we need to know so we do not risk bringing it in to your home. If you require special products and want them to be used in your home please give us details and/or instruction so we use your products safely and efficiently.  back to top

What if I am unhappy with the service I receive? A Touch of Class Cleaning guarantees the quality of our service. So if there is an area you're not happy with please call! The first time you feel the service is not as it should be, please call. We welcome your comments and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with the service; and the only way we will know that you are not a happy customer is if we hear from you. Given the opportunity we will address your concerns immediately, even if it warrants a re-cleaning of the areas. We do ask that you call immediately; it is helpful for the cleaners if they are able to see the oversight while it is obvious, instead of after days of the house being "lived in".  back to top

What if I only want the same cleaner in my house? The initial cleaning is typically preformed by the cleaner who would service your home on a regular schedule. However, one of the benefits in using a service is a full and capable staff. If your regular cleaner is not in on the day we come to your home, another cleaner can come, and your service does not have to be interrupted. If having only one cleaner is important to you, please ask to be notified before a different cleaner is sent to your home. We try diligently to have the same person at your home each time, but please keep in mind that the turnover rates for jobs in this industry is quite high. All of our cleaners are screened and have a service oriented state of mind.   back to top

Am I supposed to tip the person that cleans my home? While tips are not expected it is common for tips to be left. Never feel like you have to tip, and never tip in hopes of receiving better service! Only tip if you feel you are receiving great service. Tips usually range from 10 to 15%. Before tipping make sure it is the same cleaner. In the event that your regular person is not there that day, leave a note with their name to ensure the right person receives the tip.  back to top

Do I have to hand over a key to a stranger? While it is your house, your key, and certainly your decision, it is very convenient and secure to let us keep a key to your home. This act is most common if on a regular schedule you work and no one is home to let the cleaner in; and it is usually not probable to be able to come home at the exact time the cleaning people need to get into your home. Our service also has a Trip Fee. If we arrive for your scheduled cleaning appointment and we are not able to get in to the house there is a fee. Our service utilizes a lock box in our main office. Your house key is assigned a number and not attached to any of your personal information. Your key would only be signed out to your cleaner on the day of your service.  back to top

What if I need to skip a cleaning appointment? We ask that you please provide at least 24 hours notice for all cancelled appointments. Once we take a reservation, we hold that timeslot open for you and turn away other potential clients in order to ensure your timeframe. We will gladly reschedule your service to accommodate your needs. If the appointment is not cancelled and we arrive for your service a lock-out fee of $25 will apply. Exceptions to this policy will of course be made for emergency situations.  back to top

Do you offer gift certificates? Yes.  Follow this link to request yours today. back to top


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